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Reliable Browser-based Document Scanning SDK

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a browser-based document scanning SDK specifically designed for web applications. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, you can develop robust applications to scan documents from all sorts of scanners, edit the scanned images and save them to a local/server file system or document repository.

Support mainstream browsers on Windows, and

Platform & Browser Support:

  • Internet Explorer 8 or above (32 bit/64 bit), Edge
  • Chrome and Firefox v27 or above (32bit/64bit) on Windows
  • Safari, Chrome, and Firefox on macOS 10.6 or later
  • Chrome and Firefox v27 or above (64bit) on Ubuntu 10-18, Debian 8-9, or Fedora 19+

Easy Integration


Angular, JavaScript, jQuery, VBScript, HTML5, HTML, etc. Compatible with any JavaScript framework (AngularJS, ReactJS, Node.js, Vue.js)


Nginx, IIS, Tomcat, Apache and more
ASP.NET (C#/VB.NET), , JSP, ASP, etc.

Support mainstream browsers on Windows, Linux and macOS

Easy End-user Distribution

  • X-Copy deployment — no installation needed on the server
  • Supports cookie and session integration for HTTP image uploading
  • MSI installer available for IT managers to do batch installations for their entire network

Complete Security and Control

To ensure your data is safe, Dynamic Web TWAIN offers advanced security features such as:

  • Data encryption
  • Authorization required for accessing local files
  • All cached data will be deleted upon unexpected SDK closures
  • HTTPs uploading and downloading
  • etc.
Complete Security and Contro

Entrust Dynamic Web TWAIN
with your documents

Advanced Features

Empower Your Web Applications with Imaging Libraries

Read linear barcodes, QRcode, PDF417 and DataMatrix

Capture images from DirectShow compatible webcams

Covert text PDF files to images

Extract text (Western and ) from images